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Cleveland to Zoar in 3 Days

Take a 3-Day Self-Guided Cycling Holiday on the Towpath through The Cuyahoga Valley National Park

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The Towpath trail is ideal for groups, families, beginners or regular cyclists looking to combine easy riding with wonderful scenery, interesting towns and cities, and great food and drink. Families with young children will appreciate the off road trail and the Bike-Aboard program utilizing the Cuyahoga Valley.
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Watch Now on The Akronist

Video - Local bicyclists talk about their experience.

Akron-based Explore-A-Foot offers curated bicycle and hiking experiences that involve a different view of Northeast Ohio, using the Towpath and other scenic anchors. A group of local bicyclists talk about their experience, which included an overnight stay in the NOHO Akron Cascade Lofts in the Northside of downtown Akron. Watch Now on The Akronist

2016 Knight Cities Challenge Winner
2016 Knight Cities Challenge Winner


Unwind, unplug, reboot and be inspired by the beauty of the Cuyahoga Valley and neighboring areas by taking a walking vacation.


We customize walking and biking routes for you along the trails of Ohio’s only National Park. Let us book your accommodation and transport your luggage to your next destination, allowing you to fully enjoy your "stay cation" in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.


Why walk here? Akron prides itself in being a vibrant modern city with so much to offer tourists. Its ability to hold on to the past and reimagine a city for the 21st century makes it an ideal place for hikers. You will see evidence of the 19th century Akron; center of the Ohio Erie Canal Towpath System, and further evidence of the 20th century Akron – rubber capital of the US. On the fringes of the city; lies the beautiful Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

A separate set of hikes or trails, you ask? No, rather a seamless, well-organized set of trails and paths, beautifully maintained, which thread in and out of the city – perfect for long-distance hiking. This is why ExploreAFoot wants you to take a leisurely walk in this region.

In short – this is an ideal environment designed for all walkers who want to take the time to investigate and explore all that the cities and villages like (Peninsula, right in the heart of the Cuyahoga Valley) have to offer. Linked by towpath trails, leading seamlessly in and out of the city and back into nature, this region is the ideal place for a “no car” multi-day walking vacation.

The choice is yours! Not a city person? No problem! Stick to nature and the miles of towpath trails along the Ohio and Erie Canal. We will take care of the details, at a fraction of what it costs to enjoy a similar experience in Europe!

Take a walking vacation

ExploreAFoot can make that happen! Find 2 days or 3 days out of your busy schedule. We have your route planned from one accommodation to the next, and we provide transport for your luggage, leaving you to walk and enjoy the many scenes and sites along the way. Eat at local farm stalls, have a picnic at a waterfall, or stop at a visitor center to learn about the history of the area or important role of the canal. Reach your evening accommodation having met the challenge. Take a nap or relax before going out for dinner. The next morning will bring a new set of adventures.

ExploreAFoot provides a “Europe-like” walking and lodging vacation experience in NE Ohio in the beautiful Cuyahoga Valley National Park and surrounding towns. No more disappointment with having to retrace your steps after 5 miles of walking, because you need to return to your car. We understand the attraction of new vistas, rather than revisiting the same scenery seen an hour or two earlier. No need to use multiple cars!

How we can help. We offer:

  • Easy navigation options,
  • Close proximity to restaurants for lunch/dinner,
  • Relaxing lodgings chosen on the walking route,
  • Cartage, the option of having luggage transported for you.

The benefits of hiking are clear. Think that the hike is too long? Call us. We can tailor a hike to your fitness level, your interests, and the needs of a group on retreat to looking to reconnect.

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